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This website provides a learning platform to all the investors out there, enabling them to invest intelligently. It equips you with all the tactics, which will help you, get your money multiplied and piled up over time through consistent smart investments.

Why use Bitcoin Mixers?

Before the evolution of technology, people would carry huge cash cases when going to do business transactions. Today, numerous forms of payments do not include any liquid cash. The formation of cryptocurrencies has taken the world to a different and new level since people can transact without any cash but with digital currency. One of these currencies is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 and started its functionality in 2009. Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Many countries have continued to accept it as a form of currency. You are wondering what happens to countries without Bitcoin legalization. That is where the Bitcoin mixers or tumblers comes in. The Bitcoin or crypto tumbler is a system that mixes the coins such that nobody over the internet can identify the coin’s origin. It takes units of the Bitcoins, mixes them, and returns them clean less the transaction fee.

Benefits of using the Bitcoin Mixer

  1. Privacy protection

Essentially, every blockchain transaction you make as a trader can be traced back to your account by other people on the web. Bitcoin mixers such as Coinomize help people who own Bitcoins clean their coins so that no one tracks the transaction back to their wallets. Are you wondering how that is possible? This is how?

The Coinomize platform can collect Bitcoins from up to five BTC addresses into one account, shuffle them and remit them without a trace of which coins were from whom. This means that even when you are trading with Bitcoins in a country where they are not yet approved, the coins can neither be traced back to you or your IP address exposed.

  1. Identity hiding

You don’t want to give your personal information to everybody out there. If you send your Bitcoins without mixing them, be assured that the transaction can be traced back to your address. Mixing your coins gives you clean coins in a new address where you can confidently send them as an anonymous.

  1. Confidentiality

Bitcoin mixer platforms such as Coinomize will not let other people see your personal information. The platforms will allow you to delete the transaction you have done. Even if you don’t delete, the website automatically deletes the information for you such that there is nobody that will find out that you were on the site.

Bottom line

If you are a Bitcoin fan and plan to use them as a form of currency in your transactions, make sure that you have passed them through a Bitcoin mixer or a cryptocurrency tumbler. That way, you will have protected your identity, and nobody can trace back the coins to your account. Cryptocurrencies are still grey areas in most countries. To be on the safe side, mix or tumble your Bitcoins before use.


Investing the Smart Way

If you want to make investments the smart way and avoid falling for a fraudulent one, then there is a set of rules you must abide by.
Mentioned as follows are some factors, which you MUST keep in mind before investing your money in a particular stock:

coffee-break-1177540_640Do Not Listen To the Financial Media:

If you wish to make intelligent investments then never listen to the financial media. Whatever it shows is just one way to distract you so you could make some really expensive mistakes!
So the first rule is not to let the media nurture any sort of bad investing habits within you.

Keep Your Emotions Out Of Your Business:
Keep all your emotions such as fear and fright out of your business. When required, take risks and if not necessary then avoid them. However, never let your sentiments take over your reasoning ability as it might cost you a great deal of fortune in the long run.

Do Not Follow The Herd Blindly:
When making investments, it’s easy to follow the majority but never let your self be blinded by public opinion. Anticipate everything yourself and then make a decision based on your own benefits. Do not be part of the running crowd; always be one-step ahead of them.

Earn More, Spend Less:
Never invest more than you earn. This is one key rule to building up your wealth. There should always be a wide gap between the figures you earn and those you spend. This can be achieved by switching to better jobs and cutting down all the extra expenses. This will put you in a much favorable position to invest.

Keep Yourself Informed:
If you have set a goal for yourself and you wish to stay true to it then always keep yourself updated about your expenditure. This is more important for smart investing than it seems. Keep a track of all your finances, keep them straight, and managed so you have a fair idea as to where all your money goes!

Bottom Line:
The rules mentioned above guarantee smart investing. They sound very basic and easy but it is more to them than meets the eye. It is quite easy to achieve average or plain satisfactory results from your investments, but in order to get the best you have to put in the all your effort and focus on these tactics.