5 Reasons To Call a Professional Plumber Instead of Attempting DIY Fixes


It’s tempting to try fixing a broken water heater or clogged toilet by yourself. You figure that you will save money and time by getting it done on your own. However, it’s more common to end up creating a larger problem. Here are five reasons why it’s best to hire a professional plumber as for example Tampa plumbers.


Reduce Downtime

If you don’t have plumbing experience, then you might end up with an unusable bathroom or kitchen for longer than is necessary. This typically happens because you run into an unfamiliar situation and can’t figure out how to resolve the problem. A professional plumbing technician has seen it all. They can quickly diagnose what needs to be done so your appliances function again.


Avoid Major Leaks Or Floods

It’s possible to accidentally damage your pipes when attempting a DIY project. This might lead to leaks and even major flooding issues. You’ll still have an unusable toilet, washing machine or shower and a separate water damage issue, too.


Save Time

Your local plumber is fixing pipes and unclogging drains all day long. They don’t need much time to understand the problem and fix it. It’s likely that you’ll live with a DIY project for days longer than is necessary. You might invest a lot of time watching YouTube videos and trying to find that perfect tutorial. Instead, consider valuing your time and getting a professional to help diagnose and repair your problem.


Save Money On Tools

Some plumbing issues require special tools, such as:

  • Strap wrench
  • Flaring tool
  • Pipe cutters

You’re not going to be able to fix all plumbing problems with a few screwdrivers and pliers from your toolbox. It’s possible that you’re going to need to shell out the cost of a service call on the tools themselves.

Then, you need to go home and figure out whether you know how to properly use these foreign tools. Simplify things and call out a professional who arrives with all the proper tools and the know-how when it comes to using them.


Get a Warranty

There aren’t any warranties that protect the work if you decide to fix a plumbing problem in DIY style. What happens if the work on your water heater or sewer line wasn’t up to par? It will probably break down again in the near future and most likely cause an even bigger issue. You won’t be protected by a warranty.

On the other hand, most professional plumbers guarantee their work. This gives you the peace of mind that you will have a future issue fixed at no charge to you.

Don’t hesitate when you face a plumbing problem. Make the call to your local professional.