Is applying for a Minnesota tax ID difficult?


If you are dreading applying for a Minnesota tax ID, you probably think it is going to be a difficult thing to do. You could then be surprised to learn, not only does it only take a few minutes, it also is probably one of the easiest governmental-related things you have ever done. This Minnesota tax id application guide will explain everything you need to do.

What does applying for a Minnesota tax ID entail? — Minnesota tax authorities make it easy to apply for a tax ID, as you can do it all on the Internet. All they require are a few pieces of personal information — your name, your address, your social security number and your telephone — and the answers to a few simple questions.

Once you have completed an application form that includes all this information, you can then submit it. The government does not charge a fee to request a tax ID number. Nor do they charge a fee for you to receive the number in the mail.

Applying for a Minnesota tax ID via a private company — You can also authorize a private company to work on your behalf with the IRS in order to obtain a tax ID number for you. These companies also have websites, and ask you the same questions the government site does. The difference is the process is easier to understand and a little more simple to complete.

This is also done online, with a small payment due at the end of the process. This can usually be paid via credit card or a PayPal account. Once the payment has been made, your application form will be submitted and the company will track its progress. If you do not receive your Minnesota tax ID within a week, they will then follow up with tax authorities until you do.